19 years in business and going strong... 

We operate in three verticals namely 
Communications_Branding, Consulting and Realty.
It could be for a simple Visiting Card to Challenging Solutions for your Business needs which includes
Media Handling, Communications, Events, Branding, Franchising 
we deliver!

About Us

We are…
Fine Folks with passion for creating brands
Seasoned minds with an experience of communicating right
Individual idea power-houses for long-lasting brand imprints
Consulting Strategists enabling informed business decisions
Ruthless mercenaries influencing emphatic Reality Projects
Vivid dreamers envisioning holistic brand manifestations 

Established in year 2002, SERENESKY was intitiatlly known with a name that was synonymous with communications and ancillary business.

In the year 2010 it was re-branded as DUNICON to consolidate the gamut of expertise and services built over the years of its business. The Company has grown from a pure play communications firm to a firm that provides range of Services and product portfolios, including Reality Projects.

Having serviced diverse range of industries and using the knowledge accrued over the years of business, in year 2018 the company was rechristened SERENESKY for the infinite offerings we provide and has grown steadily along its way gathering confidence from local and International clientele.   

Key differences from traditional companies:
* Extremely easy-to-approach 
* 24x7 - availability and guranteed delivery, each time every time
* Local and Global Experience
* No Gyan only Abhyan!



Our Services are exclusively designed to imitate and maintain contacts with your stakeholders...



Reputation builds your company a bank account of goodwill and positive perceptions. This is a strategy that helps... 



SERENESKY has over the years developed and marketed some high value properties in around the city of Chennai...


Our Services are exclusively designed to imitate and maintain contacts with your stakeholders, primarily customers and prospects. Designing and managing the right contact points is the most critical step in building brands and that’s where we come in. We perceive the contact point to be so unique and inimitable; it becomes the brand’s DNA. Once defined, the contact point becomes an invaluable organizing principle. We use it for every single marketing decision.

As your partner, we make sure that the brand is true in all its manifestations - from honest and straight yet creative strategies and their execution, from straight-jacketed on-road promotions to the development of promotion strategies that are natural extension of your brand, from designing of a logo that defines your brands character to designing websites that define your virtual image, from managing and executing high-attention Events to creating a favorable corporate image through well-organized media relations, from employee and customer satisfaction surveys that not just reveal but also suggest to market feasibility studies that closely examine your blueprint for success.

We promise to design and deliver only the most cost-effective and result oriented solutions for your band and your business. This is what our clients seek from us. Intelligent solutions that are underlined with creativity and guided by strategic insight.  

  • Communications - Creative and Compelling Marketing Strategies define the success of companies that are a part of the modern free enterprise system. We understand this better enough to have forayed into providing the connect between the product and the consumer, the business and the brand, and the idea and he execution.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Every business and a brand operating in a free and fair economy owe its existence to the end-result (A sale or a decision to associate). Every end-result is the conclusion of an informed decision made through awareness generated by a Contact Point.                                                                                                                                                                                               Every contact point is an outlet for all brand and corporate information. It can be a definitive expression of persuading copy or mesmerizing visual imagery or both thereby creating the possibility of establishing the business and the brand firmly in the minds of the target audience. It is the absolute, true reflection of the brand; showcasing its reason for being.  
  • Branding - A brand is not a gimmick, a slogan or catch phrase! Your brand is your promise of what you will deliver to the consumer. Successful brands are meaningful, believable and unique overlaps of what you do best and what your customer cares about most. These overlapping elements form the foundation for a winning brand. Branding is at the heart of everything we do.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We have created new brands that quickly grew to dominate their markets and breathed new life into existing brands.  
  • Creatives - Creativity is valued not for its own sake, but for its ability to communicate a client’s message. In everything we produce and every medium we use, our entire focus is on reaching the audience, teaching the message and motivating them to take action.                                                                                                                                                                              We have delivered compelling messages through Corporate Films, Print Designs, Outdoor, Design collaterals and interactive media. We create smart advertising that moves people – motivate, compel action, reinforce or change attitudes and behaviors.  
  • Events - Whether its Seminars, Trade Shows, Local User Group meetings, conferences, product launch, corporate party, we handle all aspects of special event including planning, catering, entertainment, and more. 


Reputation builds your company a bank account of goodwill and positive perceptions. This is a strategy that helps ensure that through good times or bad, your company’s side of the issue will be heard and respected.

We have the capability of boosting a product’s visibility to executing your earnest requirements as Turnkey Solutions Partner to managing communications through a planned strategy.

Our services includes Formulating CSR activities, Crisis Communication Planning, HR Intervention, Franchising, SWOT Analysis to boost production or zero in on the challenges, Negotiating on our clients behalf and further more bringing business to you!

We have delivered quantifiable results to Apartment Builders, Wind Energy Companies, Plot Developers, IT Companies, Food and Beverages, Fast Food Conglomerates to Shipping Companies. Our insights are practice based, not theoretical. We bring a realistic and fact-based approach to addressing strategic issues.

Our problem solving approach is hypothesis and reality-driven and tailored to every situation.  The depth and breadth of expertise,  combined with area-specific knowledge, allows us to handle projects with the necessary content, experience and analytical rigour. Like financial investment, your Consulting investment on us, will pay dividends for you, in the years ahead.  


We provide much-needed Objectivity and focus to our clients operations. We are more qualified to identify a problem as we provide an objective, fresh viewpoint-without worrying about what people in your organization might think about the results and how they need to be achieved.


Reach, Teach, Impeach (RTI) - We will do the "ground work." Let's face it: No one wants to be the person who has to make cuts in the staff or to eliminate an entire division, but for a valid reason. Delivering quantifiable results, we are more apt at RTI.


Ideate, Create, Influence (ICI) - We are good at coming up with new ideas that work, as we have the ability to conceive an idea and create a plan. We don't call ourselves lobbyist, but we are apt at influencing decision.


Responsibility, Results comes with Retainer - Yearly retainers are like orthodontic devices that keep your teeth alignment (in consulting terms, to get you results!). It takes months, or years to achieve the desired output. And we would like to partner with our clients to achieve it.


We are the Catalyst that you are looking for! Let's face it. No one likes change. A consultant may be brought in to "get the ball rolling."     We can do things without worrying about other issues that get in the way, when your organization is trying to institute change.


As consultant we can be hired because of our Experience in various industries spanning different business vertical, sparing few. This is where it pays to not only be really good in the field we choose to consult in, but have track record that speaks for itself.


We possess multi-industry Expertise, that we we gathered over the years, handling different clients from different geographical locations. This is where it pays to not only be really good in the field we choose to consult in, but have track record that speaks for itself.


We can Supplement your staff. Our clients have realized they save additional money by not having to pay benefits to us by hiring us Even though our fees are generally higher than an employee's salary, over the long haul, it simply makes good economic sense to hire us.


SERENESKY has over the years marketed some high value properties in around the city of Chennai and further more delivered comprehensive Real Estate Layout projects. The company is nurtured by a constant emphasis on transparency and reliability, which is the foundation of all its systems and procedures.

Projects delivered include affordable yet contemporary large-scale Layouts to Premium Layouts. The emphasis has been on incorporating a long-term perspective, to all our business operations and therefore function on a strong set of values which form a cardinal part of our operational DNA.

The company's business model entails undertaking of projects through Acquisition or Joint Venture, with a vision to expand and deliver cost effective land assets to its customers.


Over the years we have worked with Clients from every industry be it IT, ITES, Restaurants, Plywood Industry, Insurance, Pharma, Apartment Builders, Land Developers, Embassies, Architects, Wind Energy, Freight Forwarders,  Banks, Environmental Conservation and Colleges
Media | Events | Branding | Websites   
Providing Turnkey Solutions
To sum it up - Our clients demand and we get it delivered!
Few of the clientele include...

"It is the Provence of Knowledge to Speak;
It is the Privilege of Wisdom to Listen" 
SERENESKY is apt at both! 

We take pride in work offered by our Clients without Distraction.
Our goal is to Deliver and we expect our Clients to Partner with us,
than look at us as Vendors.

Deepak Nambiar
Managing Director